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Whether you are an old hand at crocheting or are a new knitter, we know how frustrating it can be to get half-way though a project and realize you have made an error in the pattern. At Cyndi’s Crochet Corner in Waldorf, MD, our crochet doctor is just the person you need to help you fix the problem.

The staff members at Cyndi’s Crochet Corner are avid needlecraft enthusiasts with many years of experience with knitting, crochet stitching, and embroidery. Not only can we help you understand a pattern or fix a problem with a piece you are working on, our crochet doctor provides restoration and restitching services on all types of needlework items. If you own a cherished blanket or sweater made by your grandmother or great-aunt that needs repair, bring it to us and let us take care of it for you.

At Cyndi’s Crochet Corner, we also carry everything you will need for your next crochet knitting project. Whether you are making a baby blanket for your first grandchild, socks for your spouse, or a beautiful lace shawl, you will find the perfect yarn and essential tools and supplies you require. If you need assistance determining how much yarn you need or understanding a pattern, our experienced associates are standing ready to help. We also offer a wide range of crochet and knitting lessons for all skill levels.

When you need a professional crochet doctor in Waldorf, MD, talk to us at Cyndi’s Crochet Corner. We will help you pick up that lost stitch or interpret a difficult pattern in no time at all.

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